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Design Automation

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CD Biosynsis has advanced design automation platforms and extensive experience to help synthetic biology researchers around the world facilitate their cutting-edge research.

Introduction to Design Automation

The goal of synthetic biology is to construct biological devices with the required functions. However, this process requires a lot of resources because it currently relies heavily on trial and error, debugging, and reprogramming. Although some physical and informatics standards have been established and high-throughput techniques have been developed, the time required to achieve the desired behavior is still very long. Therefore, design automation without post-hoc adjustment is highly desired.

Design automation refers to a category of software tools that can be used to work together in a workflow for system design. Biology-friendly automated software tools, namely bio-design automation (BDA) tools, are crucial for synthetic biology. A universal platform capable of a wide range of operations is required to integrate the major steps of the development process.

Figure 1. Specification and design of a genetic AND gate and dual-feedback oscillator. (Appleton E, et al., 2017)Figure 1. Specification and design of a genetic AND gate and dual-feedback oscillator. (Appleton E, et al., 2017)

Featured Technologies

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We provide powerful tools and tailored solutions to help our customers overcome the challenges and bring diverse creative ideas to fruition.

Gene Circuit Design Automation

Synthetic genetic circuits consisting of regulators can program cells to generate desired operations. Conventional gene circuit design is dominated by trial-and-error and manual tinkering. Our advanced design automation platform and comprehensive genetic design automation (GDA) tools can enable more rapid design of large and complex systems.

Automated Protein Design

The long-term goal of automated protein design is to design tailor-made proteins with pre-defined functions. Our automated protein design services include but not limited to protein core design, full sequence design, new fold design, enzyme design, protein-protein interface design.

Automated Design of Metabolic Pathways

The use of characterized biological parts contributes to the design and redesign of metabolic pathways. Our scientific team has the ability to develop automated workflows for metabolic pathway design and streamline the cycle to achieve optimized solutions.

CD Biosynsis offer a variety of cutting-edge techniques to tailor automated design services for individual customer specifications. We have an experienced scientific team of biologists, bioinformatics, and chemists to help execute innovative designs for unique applications.

If you are interested in our services or have any specific needs, please feel free to contact us for more details.


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Please note that all services are for research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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