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Ribosome Display Service

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Ribosome Display Service is a cutting-edge technique that revolutionizes the discovery and optimization of proteins with desired binding properties. By leveraging the power of in vitro selection, this service allows for the identification of proteins from vast libraries that exhibit high affinity and specificity for a target molecule. With Ribosome Display Service, rapid screening and identification of novel protein candidates becomes possible, opening up new avenues in therapeutics, diagnostics, and research.

Overview of the ribosome display selection(C Zahnd, et al.,2007)Overview of the ribosome display selection(C Zahnd, et al.,2007)

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Service Process

Our Ribosome Display Service follows a rigorous and comprehensive process to ensure accurate and efficient results. The key steps involved are:

  1. Library Construction: We employ advanced molecular biology techniques to generate diverse libraries containing millions of protein variants. This ensures a vast pool of candidates for subsequent selection.
  2. Selection: The libraries are subjected to multiple rounds of selection using the target molecule. Through this iterative process, proteins with desired binding properties are enriched, enhancing the chances of identifying high-affinity candidates.
  3. Expression and Evaluation: Selected protein candidates are expressed, purified, and meticulously evaluated for their binding affinity, specificity, and functionality. This step ensures that only the most promising candidates progress further in the process.
  4. Characterization: Further characterization of the selected proteins can be performed to gain deeper insights into their properties. This includes epitope mapping, stability analysis, and functional assays, providing a comprehensive understanding of the selected candidates.
  5. Delivery: As part of our service, we provide detailed reports that contain the sequence information of the selected protein candidates, along with comprehensive experimental data. This enables our clients to make informed decisions for their specific applications.

For more information or inquiries regarding our Ribosome Display Service, please feel free to contact us. We are here to assist you in your protein discovery and optimization journey.


Ribosome Display Service offers a versatile platform for the generation of various protein formats, catering to diverse application needs. Some of the key areas where this service can make a significant impact include:

Applications Description
- Selection of Peptides or Proteins with Desired Properties - Description: Ribosome Display is a powerful in vitro selection method that couples translation with display on ribosomes. This technique allows the selection of peptides or proteins with specific desired properties, such as binding affinity, enzymatic activity, or therapeutic potential.
- Antibody Engineering, Aptamer Development - Description: Ribosome Display is commonly used in antibody engineering and aptamer development. By linking the genotype (the displayed RNA or DNA) with the phenotype (the displayed protein), researchers can evolve molecules with improved binding or functional properties.
- Protein Evolution for Enzyme Optimization - Description: Applied in the evolution of enzymes for optimization. Ribosome Display allows the directed evolution of enzymes by generating diverse libraries of mutants, facilitating the selection of variants with enhanced catalytic activity, stability, or substrate specificity.
- Drug Discovery, Peptide Libraries - Description: Ribosome Display is utilized in drug discovery for the generation of peptide libraries. These libraries can be screened against targets of interest to identify lead compounds or develop therapeutic peptides with specific biological activities.


Q: How long does the Ribosome Display Service typically take?

A: The timeline for the Ribosome Display Service can vary depending on the complexity of the project and the specific requirements. We understand the importance of timely results and strive to provide efficient and accurate services. We encourage you to contact us directly to discuss your project's details and timelines.

Q: Can you customize the Ribosome Display Service for my specific target molecule?

A: Absolutely! We understand that each project is unique, and we are committed to tailoring our Ribosome Display Service to meet your specific needs and target molecules. Our team of experts will work closely with you to design and optimize the selection process accordingly, ensuring the best possible outcomes.

Q: What is the advantage of using Ribosome Display Service over other protein engineering techniques?

A: Ribosome Display Service offers several distinct advantages that set it apart from other protein engineering techniques. Firstly, it allows for the direct link between genotype and phenotype, enabling the identification of proteins with desired binding properties. Secondly, Ribosome Display Service offers high-throughput screening capabilities, allowing for the screening of large protein libraries efficiently. Lastly, it provides the ability to select for specific binding properties, ensuring the discovery and optimization of proteins with desired functionalities. These advantages make Ribosome Display Service a powerful tool in protein engineering and drug discovery.

Q: Can the Ribosome Display Service be used for membrane protein engineering?

A: Yes, the Ribosome Display Service can be applied to the engineering of membrane proteins. This technique allows for the identification and optimization of membrane protein variants with desired binding properties, enabling advancements in drug discovery and understanding of membrane protein function.

Q: How can I access the detailed experimental data for the selected protein candidates?

A: As part of our Ribosome Display Service, we provide comprehensive reports that include detailed experimental data for the selected protein candidates. These reports contain information on binding affinity, specificity, and functionality, allowing you to assess the performance of the candidates for your specific application.

Q: Can the Ribosome Display Service be used for non-antibody proteins?

A: Absolutely! The Ribosome Display Service is not limited to antibody proteins. It can be applied to various protein formats, including enzymes, receptors, and other functional proteins. This versatility makes the Ribosome Display Service a valuable tool for a wide range of applications in protein engineering and drug discovery.

Q: Is the Ribosome Display Service suitable for the discovery of protein-protein interaction inhibitors?

A: Yes, the Ribosome Display Service can be utilized to identify and optimize protein candidates that interact with specific protein targets. By employing this service, you can screen and select protein variants that disrupt or modulate protein-protein interactions, providing opportunities for the development of novel therapeutics and research tools.

Please note that all services are for research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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