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Bacterial Cellular Engineering

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CD Biosynsis provides comprehensive bacterial cellular engineering services to facilitate the cutting-edge research of synthetic biology researchers around the world.

Introduction to Bacterial Cellular Engineering

The primary goal of synthetic biology is to engineer organisms to perform functions designed by researchers in a reliable, safe, and robust manner. Bacterial synthetic biology is a scientific discipline of synthetic biology that uses engineering and molecular biology tools to synthesize part of or the whole bacteria that do not exist in nature. Bacterial cellular engineering is leading to new approaches for the wide application of bacterial synthetic biology.

In recent years, several novel reverse genetics approaches have been developed and increasingly used for strain improvement in this era of synthetic biology. These approaches can be used to introduce mutations into specific genes of interest or to alter the gene expression profiles by conditionally inhibiting mRNA expression at the translation level. Furthermore, some synthetic bacterial cell-cell adhesion tools that can be used to adhere cells into defined morphologies and patterns have also been developed to enable the construction of high-level multicellular designs.

Figure 1. Bacterial surface display of antigens. (Glass D S & Riedel-Kruse I H, 2018)Figure 1. Bacterial surface display of antigens. (Glass D S & Riedel-Kruse I H, 2018)

Applications of Bacterial Cellular Engineering in Synthetic Biology

  • Antibiotic production
  • Phage therapy
  • Diagnostics
  • Vaccine production
  • Food and agriculture
  • Production of living materials

Service Offering

CD Biosynsis provides our customers with comprehensive and high-quality bacterial cellular engineering services using our powerful synthetic biology toolbox to fully meet their requirements. Our services include but not limited to the following:

Bacterial Genome Editing

Genome editing plays an important role in bacterial cellular engineering. CD Biosynsis not only provides conventional tools for bacterial genome editing (i.e. gene knockout, knock-in, and allelic exchange), but also for new technologies such as gene silencing using asRNAs, catalytic RNAs, artificial nucleases, nucleic acid analogs, and peptide nucleic acids.

Bacterial Cell Surface Engineering

Cell surface is involved in various biological functions, such as intercellular communications, cell-environment interactions, and selective transport of molecules. Different strategies for bacterial cell surface engineering have been developed and optimized. CD BioSicences provides both chemical and enzymatic strategies for bacterial cell surface engineering.

CD Biosynsis has developed a comprehensive portfolio of bacterial cellular engineering services for synthetic biology research and applications. We are fully committed to providing our customers with tailored solutions to help them overcome the challenges in synthetic biology and bring diverse creative ideas to fruition.

If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more details.


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Please note that all services are for research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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