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Genome Reprogramming Service

Genome Reprogramming Service

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Genome Reprogramming Service

CD Biosynsis provides custom genome reprogramming services for synthetic biology researchers around the world to facilitate their cutting-edge research. Our strong expertise coupled with advanced techniques can help bring diverse synthetic applications and creative ideas to fruition.

Introduction to Genome Reprogramming

Forward genetics begins with discovering the genetic basis of a phenotype. It enables us to identify and understand biological phenomena. Forward genetics plays an important role in the development of new organisms in synthetic biology. DNA manipulation allows the engineering of regulatory gene networks. Genome engineering tools that help rewrite and implement engineered DNA sequences allow us to reprogram living systems and engineer novel organisms for biotechnology.

Genome engineering has developed from molecular cloning to include programmable methods used to reconstruct new organisms by reengineering genomes. The combination of programmable tools, DNA synthesis, new methods of directed evolution, and rational protein engineering has promoted the great progress of synthetic biology.

Figure 1. Large-scale reengineering of organisms. (Standage-Beier K & Wang X, 2017)Figure 1. Large-scale reengineering of organisms. (Standage-Beier K & Wang X, 2017)

Service Offering

CD Biosynsis offers our customers a complete suite of genome reprogramming services, enabling them to focus on their research interests.

RNA-Programmed Genome Engineering

Making specific changes to DNA makes it possible to engineer cells, tissues and organisms for synthetic biology applications. RNA-programmed genome engineering provides a simple and straightforward strategy to introduce site-specific genetic changes in cells. CD Biosynsis provides advanced CRISPR tools to help rewrite and construct new genetic systems.

Epigenetic Reprogramming

One of the central tenets of synthetic biology is using gene editing to reprogramming cells. CD Biosynsis provides epigenetic reprogramming as an important tool to help synthetic biologists coordinate multiple cellular processes on a scale previously impossible to achieve.

Evolutionary Engineering

Evolutionary optimization may be required by biosynthetic pathways and genetic circuits to achieve desired functions. Evolutionary engineering has great potential in finding non-trivial and nonintuitive solutions to biological problems. CD Biosynsis provides tools and systems for evolutionary engineering to enable further innovation in synthetic biology.

Competitive Advantages

  • Powerful one-stop services for genome reprogramming.
  • Customized service for individual needs.
  • High quality and reliable services coupled with best-in-class consultation.
  • Fast turnaround time and competitive price.

CD Biosynsis offers a variety of cutting-edge techniques for individual customer specifications. We are available for on-demand customer assistance via email or phone to help you with any problems or concerns you may have.

If you are interested in our services or have any specific needs, please feel free to contact us for more details.


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