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Biosynthesis Base editing

In a landscape where genetic engineering is poised to transform industries and pave the way for unprecedented scientific advancements, CD Biosynsis' base editing services emerge as a cornerstone, enabling researchers and innovators to rewrite possibilities at the genetic level.

Introduction to Base Editing

Base editing stands as a revolutionary leap in the realm of genetic engineering, offering precise alterations to DNA sequences without necessitating double-stranded breaks or the use of donor templates. This technology enables the conversion of one DNA base pair into another directly, unveiling opportunities to rectify genetic mutations, modulate gene expression, and pioneer advancements in various fields.

Cytosine and adenine base editors.Fig 1. Cytosine and adenine base editors. (Antoniou P, et al., 2021)

Mechanism of Base Editing

At the heart of base editing lies a sophisticated fusion of molecular components. Our platform exploits the fusion of a catalytically impaired CRISPR-associated protein and a DNA-modifying enzyme. This engineered complex navigates the genomic landscape with utmost precision. The CRISPR protein locates the target site, while the DNA-modifying enzyme orchestrates the conversion of the targeted base pair. This mechanism avoids the disruptive DNA double-strand breaks associated with conventional gene editing methods, enhancing the safety and accuracy of the process.

Diverse Customer Base and Transformative Applications

Our Base editing services cater to a diverse spectrum of clients, each seeking to harness the potential of genetic engineering for distinct applications. These encompass:

  • Biomedical Research. Investigating disease mechanisms, identifying therapeutic targets, and developing novel treatment strategies.
  • Therapeutic Interventions. Tailoring genetic sequences to rectify disease-causing mutations and advance personalized medicine.
  • Agricultural Advancements. Enhancing crop yield, quality, and resilience by optimizing beneficial traits within plant genomes.
  • Bioproducts. Enabling the synthesis of valuable biomolecules for pharmaceuticals, industrial processes, and sustainable chemicals.
  • Functional Genomics. Unveiling gene functionalities by precisely modulating gene expression levels.

Process of Our Base Editing Services

Process of Our Base Editing Service

Define Goals. Engage with our experts to define project goals, design strategies, and customize solutions.

Design and Optimization. Tailor the base editing approach to target specific genetic loci with high precision and efficiency.

Experimental Execution. Implement the designed strategy to perform base editing on target sequences.

Validation and Analysis. Rigorous assessment of edited sequences through molecular techniques, ensuring accuracy and effectiveness.

Reporting. Receive comprehensive reports detailing the editing outcomes, methodologies, and implications.

Our Cutting-edge Technologies

  • CRISPR Complexes: Engineered CRISPR-associated proteins guide the editing complex to precise genomic locations.
  • DNA-Modifying Enzymes: Specialized enzymes facilitate the conversion of targeted base pairs, ensuring accuracy.
  • Sequencing and Analysis: High-throughput sequencing platforms coupled with advanced bioinformatics tools validate and analyze edited sequences.

CD Biosynsis specializes in providing exceptional services in the field of synthetic biology. By choosing our service platform, you have access to our expertise, advanced technologies, and personalized support to take your research to new heights. Contact us to know more details about our services.


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Please note that all services are for research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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