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Synthetic biology applies engineering principles to biology to design and build novel biomolecular components, networks, and pathways. These building blocks are used to rewire and reprogram organisms to perform novel biological functions. Breakthroughs in synthetic biology have facilitated genetic circuit engineering to program cells through dynamic gene expressions and logic controls. The applications of synthetic biology rely on its advances in de novo engineering of genetic circuits, biological modules, and synthetic pathways, the reconstruction of more complex biological systems with interchangeable parts, and the understanding and fine-tuning of various biological networks. Synthetic biology has already been applied in related practical applications.

CD Biosynsis is dedicated to supporting and facilitating the applications of synthetic biology in a wide range of areas, ranging from basic life sciences research to biosensors. Our scientific team is committed to helping our customers solve any problems encountered in their projects to achieve various research objectives and diversified applications.

Please note that all products and services are for research use only️. Not intended for any clinical use.

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