Generative model enhances enzyme activity and stability

Enzymes, as highly efficient catalysts evolved from nature, have fast turnover rates and precise specificity. Improving enzyme catalytic activity and stability is crucial in various biological, medical, and industrial applications. Multiple computational methods have been used to study the performance of enzyme variants, but accurately simulating the impact of mutants on enzyme catalytic ability remains…

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Effective Degradation of Antibiotics by Laccase Based Self Amplifying Catalytic System for Sustainable Environmental Remediation

The accumulation of antibiotics in agricultural soils poses a potential threat to soil ecosystems and crop growth, ultimately posing a threat to human health. Tetracycline antibiotics (TCs), such as tetracycline (CTC), oxytetracycline (OTC), and tetracycline (TTC), are widely present in soil as antibacterial agents. Generally speaking, tetracycline is difficult to completely metabolize in the body,…

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Selecting improved variants from heavily-skewed populations

High screening of non classical amino acid enzyme activity through the ability of coupling essential genes to resist termination codons

In enzyme engineering, life and death selection allows for the rapid and direct identification of efficient biocatalysts from a large library. However, the evolution of biocatalysts (related to industry) based on life and death selection is challenging as they require highly reliable strategies to artificially link their activity to host survival.   Recently, Clemens Mayer…

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Computational Enzyme Design

The Development Roadmap of Enzyme Rational Design, Nature: The Path to Fully Programmable Protein Catalysis

Enzymes are a class of highly functional biocatalysts that catalyze chemical reactions through complex active sites, greatly accelerating the reaction process and providing unparalleled selectivity. With the advancement of technologies such as DNA synthesis and sequencing, bioinformatics, and computational modeling, more and more natural enzymes with specific catalytic functions have been discovered. These enzymes have…

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