Nature catalysis | Production of natural products through Escherichia coli metabolic engineering using electronic channels

Research background: The biosynthesis of natural products usually requires the binding of eukaryotic cytochrome P450 (P450) to P450 reductase, which is physically close and undergoes electron transfer reactions.

Research question: Unfortunately, the functional expression of eukaryotic p450 in bacteria is often still difficult.

Research content and results: 1) The author of this article artificially approached P450-CPR and achieved electron transfer by using the scaffold protein CipB derived from luminescent bacteria; 2) Detect the effectiveness of CipB through the increase or decrease in the production of various metabolites; 3) The construction of the heme pathway and optimization of the culture medium improve production efficiency.


Point of interest: The same vector contains either cipA scaffold protein or CiP B scaffold protein, and there is no fusion of CPR and p450 (the content provided in the article is very inconsistent, good, but not easy to read in detail)