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As a fast-growing and innovative company, CD Biosynsis has established a strain improvement platform. With the goal of rational design of biological behavior combined with advanced microbial technologies, we are dedicated to revolutionary breakthroughs in the design-build-test cycle of microbial cell factories to achieve short cycle times and intelligent efficiency.

The core idea of synthetic biology is to modify living organisms or build a set of living systems from scratch by engineering methods for applications in disease treatment, product production, and environmental management. Traditional synthetic biology methods are mainly through large-scale fermentation or plant cultivation. However, natural strains are generally slow-growing, difficult to cultivate, and low yielding, so we build the strain improvement platform to help our customers build microbial factories with specific functions and improve production efficiency.

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Key Enabling Technologies

The techniques used for strain improvement can be divided into three categories: information design, component insertion, and system construction.

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